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Jun 26

Short trip to Dalmatia

By Ildi Pop | Fashion , Travel

We’re back from a short but amazing summer-holiday-like trip in Croatia.

What better to do at 11am in the morning, than to dress up a little, totally light and casual, and take a few camera-shots.

Using the beautiful natural lights and the astonishing background I think we did pretty well.

It takes a bit of time to learn how to shoot at high-noon and make the pictures look like this, so don’t be sad if your first attempt is not successful.

My sister is an amazing photographer, if you want to see more pictures like these below visit her site.


Jun 08

Lauren Conrad – Inspirational Beauty

By Ildi Pop | Fashion , Inspiration

One of my fashion inspiration is Lauren Conrad.

I started to watch her in the ‘Hills’ , and since then she became one of my fashion icons.

Great style, casual, chic, sophisticated, inspirational.

Back in 2010, I got the opportunity to meet her in person as I was in New York at that time and she was promoting her books: “Sugar and Spice” and “Lauren Conrad Style Guide” at Barnes and Noble.

From my last trip from NYC I purchased her latest book as well “The Fame Game”.







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