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By Ildi Pop | Fashion

Aug 09
Evocateur accessories
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Accessories are a fashion statement that contribute towards enhancing an outfit.

Be it a colorful bangle, a vintage cuff, pendant or a pair of  stunning teardrop earrings, the right accessory complements an outfit and has the power to transform even a simple dress to a creative piece of art.

Today, all of us wish to stand out from the crowd in the way we dress and carry ourselves. Use of fashion accessories can go a long way in providing personality and character to our dressing.

Contemporary markets and online stores are full of a mind- boggling range of accessories that add color, contrast even to a simple outfit. Besides, accessories make you look unique and encourages you to try different looks. 

Évocateur offers a huge variety of jewelry and accessories (bangles, cuffs, pendants, earrings ) in different styles from contemporary to vintage pieces.

The IT factor is that they are handcrafted, which makes them very special.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

22K Gold Leaf Bangle


Antwerp Cuff


Berlin Skinny Cuff Blue-Gold


Pink Azalea Bangle


Gaia Cuff


Many Moon Link Bracelet


Copenhagen Teardrop Earrings


Stockholm Teardrop Earrings


Red Canyons Pendant