New York Through My Eyes

By Ildi Pop | Inspiration

Dec 04
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New York became one of my favorite cities. I feel lucky and blessed that I got the opportunity to visit this amazing city several times already.

The City is filled with energy, inspiration and as they say it never sleeps. 

Here I could never get bored. Even just walking in Manhattan is already a fantastic experience: watching the amazing skylines and anxiously waiting where the road will lead me, what the City will offer.

In order to help first time NYC visitors, I made a short guide packed with some of my favorite places. If you need an idea what to do, where to eat and where to shop while you are in NYC, here’s my little list.

  • EAT – If you are in mood for burgers, fries or hot dogs.
At this ‘roadside’ burger stand, you can find delicious burgers, hot dogs, shakes, fries…I’ve only tasted the burgers and fries and it was really tasty. Check out the veggie burger, it’s fun!

SHAKE SHACK – They say the best Mexican restaurants are in NYC.

This cosy little place serves really tasty food from tacos, quesadillas to enchiladas and salads on a friendly price.

Staff is nice and helpful.


DOS CAMINOS – Choose from a variety of dishes starting from salads, chicken, pasta to burgers.

This cute, homy restaurant is located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood.


TAVERN ON JANE – Interesting place on Madison and 79th with a roof terrace. Serves Italian food and you cannot go wrong with their pizza or pasta.

SERAFINA – One of my favorite markets in the City. It’s all natural and organic products, wide variety of those and they offer hot food.
Too tired to sit in a restaurant and wait for your order? Check this out:
really delicious dishes, soups, salads, main courses and all kind of beverage, plus it’s really healthy. 
My favorite is a bowl of mix salad, which I can enjoy while reading my favorite magazine.


  •  SHOP
New York offers variety of places where to shop. Starting from small boutiques to department stores.
I prefer boutiques, but from time to time I wander into department stores, too.
The boutiques offer some unique pieces, which cannot be found in the department stores, for me it’s easier to shop in boutiques as I can select easier the pieces which I like.
The 3 B’s – Bloomingdales, Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman.
Barneysit’s a luxurious place to shop, here you can find all the high-end fashion from Balenciaga to 3.1 Phillip Lim.
If you cannot afford it, then it’s perfect for just walking in the store and get inspiration from the renowned designers.


Bergdorf Goodman – Is another luxurious store, which offers high-end  fashion clothes and it’s great for window shopping.


 Bloomingdales Offers not only high-end fashion, but also contemporary pieces at an affordable price. You get 10% if you are visiting. When they have sale, then it’s good to visit the store as maybe you’ll find you favorite shoe or bag on sale. 



BOUTIQUES – I must say this is my favorite boutique in NYC. There are 6 stores in the city, my favorite one is the one located on the Madison Avenue. Here you can find mostly contemporary brands. 

I like to visit these boutiques as they offer unique pieces from clothes to bags, shoes. I got the chance to purchase an Elisabeth and James silk shirt, 2 J Brand Jeans at an affordable price as they were on sale.


INTERMIX  – It is an iconic NYC boutiques, where you can find both men and women clothes.


SCOOP NYC – For me this little boutique means über luxury. It is a designer resale boutique which offers vintage pieces from Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, Lanvin. Whenever I needed to ‘warm’ my soul, I visited this pretty boutique. They have 2 stores in Manhattan, one in Soho and the other one is located on the Upper East Side.